Welcome to R6TM!

You can find links to our Discord server(s) for communicating with your team in the Discord tab. Information on our Ranking System and how to actually play a match of R6TMs is in our How To tab! Make sure to read through our rulebook under the Rules tab and be familiar with what is needed in order to participate in our platform. Any further questions please refer to our FAQ or ask in the Help Desk channel in our main discord server!

About R6TM

R6TM is a matchmaking service designed to allow players to play competitively in an environment with Pro League setting involving Map bans, Operator bans and Captain picks. We have partnered with FACEIT™ to provide the most efficient and intuitive matchmaking service in the entire Rainbow 6 scene. Regular players begin in the Open Hub, where they will fight for ELO in order to be promoted to the Main Hub, the Challenger hub and if you are particularly impressive, the Invite Hub where the best of the best fight it out for cash prizes at the end of each and every season. This service is 100% free and all it requires is a working mic, internet and a FACEIT™ profile!