Do I need to pay?

No, but you can if you wish to support us directly by subscribing here!

How will the ranks work?

Rainbow Six™ will have three Open divisions which you can work through automatically. There are 10 skill ranks, rank 1 being the lowest and ranked 10 being the highest. Upon reaching level 10, an invite will be sent to the players worthy of joining our "R6TM Invite" Hub. Everyone in this hub will be checked manually before receiving an invite.

Can you queue with friends?

Yes! You can now que with you friend in our Open hubs. We also opened a dedicated team hub where you can que with up to 4 people :)

How are teams selected?

Teams are shuffled and picked out at random (with a touch of elo) by a bot. We may enable captain picks for testing purposes at any given time.

Is it possible to get straight into Main hub?

Yes, you may submit an application which we will then review. Please note that we may close/open applications at any given time and reject your application without giving any reason.

Is this release PC exclusive?

Yes. For now. Console expansion is close to the bottom on our to do list. Soon™

R6TM sounds awesome, but I'm a bit worried that my skill level isn't high enough. Is R6TM for those who have basic skills looking to seriously improve their game?

Absolutely. Player growth is a big priority for us, and the rank system ensures you'll play around your own level. Don't worry, you won't be bugging anyone. All we ask is that you only use our system if you're serious about winning, want to get better at the game, and helping others learn.

How are operator bans done?

Operator bans are carried out in game using the system introduced by Ubisoft in one of the patches.

What is the current map pool?

We are using the current competitive map pool. Subject to change.

Is there any kind of rulebook?


Will there be a HUB for vanilla Siege?

Yes, we will later be making a R6TM Vanilla hub which will be no DLC ops/maps, operators who have been changed beyond recognition from their original state. (Glaz, Blitz, etc.)

What regions are currently supported?

We currently have hubs for NA, EU, APAC & LATAM.

Will we need to download a separate client in order to use this service?

Players can use either the website or they can use the desktop app, they both work the same and use the same amount of resources. It's personal preference.

Will the faceit client interact with the game itself or will it just queue players externally?

The latter. Unfortunately we have zero integration with Siege. That is just how it is right now.

How do I get into Invite?

Upon reaching Level 10, and topping the Challenger Leaderboards, you will possibly be contacted by a staff member with an invite to the invite hub!

When playing Rainbow 6, would we join a game from R6TM or would we launch the game like normal?

Launch the game like normal. We'll provide videos/guides on how exactly to play a match before launch. We have zero integration with siege.

As its announced that it will be live for pros earlier is there a seperate queue for them?

There are 4 HUBs for each region. They are based on faceit skill level.

Will the servers be 128 tick or are we using the FaceIt servers?

Neither, we're still using the normal Ubisoft custom game servers, since Rainbow 6 does not allow for 3rd party server hosting.

Will player stats be easily accessible on the FACEIT site much like they are with CS:GO? Makes for useful information for talent scouts.

Sadly no, there is absolutely zero integration with siege. We cannot change this right now.

It could be possible for non english-speakers or people who doesn't speak english very well to use this system?

English is the R6TM language. That said, we understand not everyone speaks it. All we ask is that you get into coms and try. Even if it's weird and you can't communicate well. We will in the future think on region specific hubs, like ones for France.

How is mapban going to be solved, like on esl with or within the chat, and who will be the host? a bot or a user?

Host is team captain 1 on faceit(user). Potentially host bots in the future, but don't count on it unless this project explodes. Map bans done on faceit.

Is this a team kind of GO4? Like higher competition then ranked but lower then CL and if so how do we get teams signed up?

Yes, and no. You can 5 stack que in our Team Hub but we do not currently have any prizes for topping the leader boards. We may also have tournaments though. To be announced.

How will the ranking system work?

Based on wins/losses.

Will there be cup/tournaments?

Yes. More details to follow.

Which CL players will be invited to Invite Hub?

Internal debate.

Will we keep the points we earned in the previous version of R6TM?


If I live in Egypt "Africa" and I wanna apply for R6S Competitions me and my clan how that could happen? all Competitions are for EU, NA and Asia! what about people who are living in countries of Africa?!

We can't alter where the game servers are my guy. I'm sorry. You cannot play in R6TM unless your ping is under 120 to the main server for each region.

So does this mean I have the chance to make a name for myself?

That is the point, yes.

Will I not have to play hackers?


Is this only for pro, semi pros and ranked hero's or for the average gold player as well?

It's for everyone.

Will there be a report function to combat toxic players or glitchers?

Yes. You can protest a match.

Will the service be free? If so, will there be a way to support the service financially?

We offer a subscription option - but the only benefit is you're more likely to be a team captain. We suggest only subscribing if you wish to support the project.

What makes this hacker free?

We have an army of admins and mods always watching.

What is the best way to stay up to date?

Follow us on Twitter and join our main Discord server.

How can I become an moderator?

We are always looking for more Mods to join and help out. Apply here or here for APAC. (This is a volunteer position and unpaid, but we will be giving volunteers special recognition.)

How can I become an developer for R6TM?

We are looking for Dev's to join our team. If you are a developer and looking for something to do on your spare time and have a love for Rainbow 6 Siege then apply here.