Queue Up. Press the Play Button. (You are able to leave the queue at anytime. Just click the little red stop button.)

Accept the match. Once accepted, you will be taken to the match room, and the players sorted by random or captain pick.

Teams. After accepting the match, players will be moved into a match room. Teams will be put together by Random or Captain Pick in that room. Captain Two will add Captain One, and each Player will add their Captain on uplay so the captain can invite them to the lobby (Random for R6TM Open, and Captains for all higher lobbies).

For main division and up each Captain will pick their team. Captain 1 will pick first, then Captain 2, then back to Captain 1, etc. CAPTAIN 1 IS ON THE LEFT. CAPTAIN 2 ON THE RIGHT. Also, left team always starts on attack (blue team in-game), while right team always starts on defense (orange team in-game).

Operators. Only for the main division and up. There are no operator bans in R6TM Open Division. Team Captains will use the provided chat channel to each ban 2 operators. Team 1 will ban one attack operator, Team 2 will ban one attack operator. Then defenders will be banned, starting with Team 1 again.

Example: Team Captain 1 will ban 1 attacker, wait for team captain 2 to ban an attacker, then ban 1 defender, and again wait for team captain 2 to ban a defender. This is the extent of the Operator ban phase. It is based on the text chat/honor system. We cannot disable operators in-game, but we can enforce the ban phase on players. If a player chooses an operator who was banned pre-match, your team will forfeit should the enemy team protest and provide proof.

Maps. Team captains ban maps until one is chosen.

Hosts. The team on the left side is the host team for the game, that Captain is responsible for setting up the custom lobby and inviting the other Captain

In-Game. Create a Custom Lobby and invite the people on your team. Make sure a playlist with all competitive maps is loaded. Instructional video on YouTube

Communication. Once in game, use one of our provided discord channels in one of our Discord servers. Captains are responsible for making sure all players know which channel to go to. Players are required to be able to communicate with their teammates, vocally and in a language that everyone can understand.

Results. After the game is complete input the match results. Both sides must confirm results before they are processed, captains have 300 second (5 minutes) before the client auto enters whatever the results were.

Rank up. Win matches to improve your rank.

Support. Any issues can be raised using the face-it support system. Submit a ticket and an admin/mod will get back to you.

Prizes. Once you reach R6TM Invite, the Top 10 Players will be receiving a Cash prize. Invite is limited to ages 16+ only.